STORRE with extra Dimensions – new badges show citations impact of our research

Dimensions badges that provide an interactive visualisation of citation data for a publication have been added to STORRE. 

Thanks to the development work of our own Michael White, you’ll see the badges at the top of any STORRE record that has a DOI.

The Dimensions badge shows the ‘Total citations’, that is, the number of times a publication was cited by other publications indexed in Dimensions. (Dimensions is a free multidisciplinary research platform that brings together information about scholarly outputs, funding, policy, patents and grants)

Hover your mouse over the Dimensions badge and you’ll see four core citation metrics: Total citations, Recent citations (those received in the last 2 years), Field Citation Ratio and Relative Citation Ratio).

Click on the Badge to be taken to the accompanying details page that provides more information with links to the citing publications and a visualisation that indicates the publication’s relative influence on specific research areas.

The Relative Citation Ratio (RCR) indicates the relative citation performance of an article when comparing it to other articles in the same area of research. A value of more than 1.0 shows a citation rate above average. The RCR only calculated for publications with a PubMed ID which are at least 2 years old.

The Field Citation Ratio (FCR) is an article-level metric that indicates the relative citation performance of an article, when compared to similarly-aged articles in its subject area. A value of more than 1.0 indicates higher than average citations. The FCR is calculated for publications which are at least 2 years old and were published in 2000 or later.

You can see examples of STORRE records with Dimensions badges at:

Clare Allan
Senior Research Librarian