EndNote X7 Users – Upgrade to X9 Now

If you use EndNote X7 and synchronise that with ‘EndNote Online’ you may experience difficulties depending on the size of your library if you do not upgrade to EndNote X8 or X9.

After the 31st December 2018, EndNote will reduce online accounts from ‘unlimited’, to 50,000 references and 2GB of attachments.

This basically means that:-

  • If you have less than 50K references and less than 2GB of attachments you will be unaffected until you hit either of these limits.
  • If you have reached either limit already you won’t be able to add more attachments or references and you won’t be able to sync your online and desktop accounts unless you upgrade or reduce the size of your library.

Further information is available at: https://support.clarivate.com/Endnote/s/article/EndNote-What-happens-when-sync-expires?language=en_US

You can upgrade to EndNote X9 on a University purchased PC at any time from the Software Centre (Run Advertised Programmes). For a personal computer you can purchase EndNote at an academic discounted price – see https://www.bilaney-consultants.co.uk/endnote-chest.

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