Digiforum – Online and distance curriculum design for diverse learners

Wed 24 October, 9.30am to 11.30am, Cottrell 2A13 (Drinks and pastries will be provided)

Staff are invited to attend a Digiforum event, arranged by Academic Development and Information Services, on online and distance curriculum design for diverse learners.

Designing and delivering content online creates a series of challenges for the educator. Open for discussion at the forum will be:

  • Digital Accessibility – this session will look at what digital accessibility is, what it means for the students and what we can do as providers of resources to enable student independence by making our resources digitally accessible.
  • Encouraging diverse assessment methods – Students when leaving University, need to leave with a range of skills. Writing is one of them. Increasingly employers are seeking a range of digital skills. This session is going to open up discussion on how and why utilising different forms of digital assessment helps prepare students for employment and helps a diverse range of students showcase their skills.

Booking is available through the Academic Development Canvas module. There is a one-time enrolment into the module required through https://canvas.stir.ac.uk/enroll/3GR7HK. You should have access to book on the event through the Syllabus for the module. Please ensure the Calendar for Academic Development on the right-hand side is selected, click on the event and you will get the option to reserve a space. Alternatively, once you have enrolled in the module, you can access the sign-up here: https://canvas.stir.ac.uk/appointment_groups/641.

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