IT Service Week is coming….

The first week in October is a magical time in the IT Service Desk world – it’s IT SERVICE WEEK 🙂

This is the week where IT Service Desk staff get to unleash their crazy and have a bit of random fun.  The theme for the week this year is MAGIC…

WE NEED YOU  to support us and join in the crazy as well as maybe VOTE FOR US in the Service Desk Institute’s Survey..?  You can vote for the whole Information Centre team or your favourite analyst.  We really appreciate your support.

Here’s the plan for the magical week:

Magic Monday – visit the transformed Information Centre in the Library.  A service desk will become a magical paradise…(or more likely have some fairly random Harry Potterness going on).

Treat Tuesday – IS are holding a MacMillan coffee morning in S10.  We’ll be baking (or buying!) magical cakes and sharing them with our colleagues.  All welcome.

Wizard Wednesday – dress up day!  Our staff will be dressed up along a magical theme.  And of course our Wi-Fi Wizards will be there to join in the fun and connect your devices to Wi-Fi

Thoughtful Thursday – pass it forward.  We’ll all be doing something nice for our colleagues, our lovely staff and students.  Feel free to join in 🙂

Fantastic Friday – celebrate your Information Centre.  We’ll be blowing our own trumpet (in a slightly scottish embarrassed way as it’s not natural for our kind…)


Thanks for reading 🙂  And thanks for being the lovely staff and students that we deal with everyday.


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