Student printers and Lab computers – temporary queues

Today and into next week the way you print to a student printer will change.  There will be a transition period where we will be operating both the old (Konica Minolta) printers and the new (Ricoh) printers.  We will label the printers to let you know which is which.  The KM printers will remain on the old student print queues and the new Ricoh printer will be on the new temporary print queues.

You can find the new print queues from the print menu (you may need to do a bit of scrolling to find them)

There are currently 2 print queues for the student print system;

Black on studentprint1


Colour on studentprint1

Both of these queues default to double-sided A4 printing.  In Microsoft Office applications you can change the default settings as required.

When you are in the print menu choose “Printer properties”

Then from the “Frequently used” tab where you can change the following.

  • To change to single sided, turn 2 sided printing “off”.
  • To add a staple, select “Staple” and choose the position you want to staple.
  • To print multiple pages on a sheet, select “Layout” and choose your preferred option.

After you have changed the settings you require press “OK” and then “Print”

For the time being dissertation print queues will remain the same as always;





The dissertation printer is still in Cottrell 1A11A.

Throughout this transition period, there will be a Konica Minolta printer located in the Atrium which will give 24-hour access to printers still running on the old print queues.

We will update you with further information when we get this.