AHRC and data requirements

From 29 March 2018 AHRC are removing their requirement for a Technical Plan and replacing it with a requirement to submit a Data Management Plan, which will be mandatory for all Research Grants, Follow on Funding and Leadership Fellows proposals.

AHRC’s requirements are therefore currently in flux, and we will continue to update its policy content accordingly on our Funder expectations web pages

For general information about this change (and a warning about potential compatibility issues with the Je-S system) please see http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/peerreview/peer-review-updates-and-guidance/

For more specific details see:

  • Frequently Asked Questions [PDF document]
  • About the Data Management Plan [PDF document which details the topics which an AHRC data management plan should address – effectively a non-mandatory template]
  • Data Management Points [PDF document elaborating the expectations on researchers and their institutions, including an obligation to confirm that “The proposal has been written in line with your institution’s data management policy” and that “You have consulted with the institution’s data support (e.g. library services, IT department)”]

Information Services encourages all researchers to use DMP Online to create data management plans, as it includes templates for all of the major UK funding bodies, including AHRC.  The AHRC template on DMP Online will be updated shortly.

Please get in touch if you need any help creating a data management plan: researchdatamanagement@stir.ac.uk