Top Ten Thesis downloads in December #StirTopTenTheses

During December 1,031 theses in our research repository, STORRE, were downloaded a total of 9,789 times.


The top ten downloaded theses were:

1.  Factors Affecting Store Brand Purchase in the Greek Grocery Market. By Sarantidis, Paraskevi. Downloads: 361


2. Scholarly publishing in Africa: a case study of African university presses. By Darko-Ampem, Kwasi Otu. Downloads: 190


3. Shakespeare and the Genre of Comedy. By Doyle, Anne-Marie. Downloads: 148


4. The role of quality in the management of projects. By Flett, Peter Downloads: 147


5. Developing a conceptual framework for integrating risk management in the innovation project. By  Khorakian, Alireza Downloads: 140


6. Comparative and Critical Analysis of the Doctrine of Exemption/Frustration/Force Majeure under the United Nations Convention on the Contract for International Sales of Goods, English Law and UNIDROIT Principles. By Nwafor, Ndubuisi Augustine. Downloads: 135


=7. A study of the factors affecting student retention at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia: Structural Equation Modelling and Qualitative Method. By Al-Dossary, Saeed. Downloads: 128


=7. The Loyalist Regiments of the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783. By Salmon, Stuart. Downloads: 128


9. Implementing Communicative Language Teaching Method in Saudi Arabia: Challenges Faced by Formative Year Teachers in State Schools. By Abahussain, Majed Othman. Downloads: 126


10. Dimensions of service quality and service climate: a study of bank customers and employees in four local Malaysian banks. By Ab. Wahab, Norailis. Downloads: 119


Betsy Fuller

Research Repositories Librarian