Want a sneaky peak at the new box interface?

On August 31st the box interface will be changing automatically to a new box experience.  To see the new interface you can go to   https://stir.app.box.com/on/allnewbox , which generates a cookie and turns it on for that browser instance.  See https://blog.box.com/blog/all-new-box/ for details. You can revert to the old version by clearing browser cookies.

Single sign on to box should now work better, whether you are using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

The new design of the box experience is modern and has a nicer look and feel.  You can still upload, collaborate and share with ease.  Sharing and collaborating has been consolidated into one button “share this folder” you can then choose the method of sharing best for you.  Content you mark as favourite is now just a click away.  You can even set your homepage in box to your favourites.  Favourites have been moved under a menu on the left hand side.  When searching you can access the filtering tool quicker than before.  The Viewing experience in box has been transformed to be able to view a library of images in a thumbnail view.  This thumbnail view makes viewing your images easier as you can enlarge the view to make your images clearer.  You can now also preview 3D and HD files in Box.  Box notes has a new side bar that allows you to create new notes, recently edited notes and bookmark favourite notes all in one place.  You can find more at training.box.com



2 thoughts to “Want a sneaky peak at the new box interface?”

  1. Looks nice enough (and suspiciously like Dropbox) but it still isn’t possible to move folders that other people have shared.

    1. Hi Nada, Yes we think it looks nice too. We are not sure if this will be possible in the future, but we can check with Box. There may be another way to do this. If you email us at information.centre we can pass this onto our box team.

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