Auto Logout –Remember to SAVE YOUR WORK!

This week there is a change in the policy for Lab computers in the Library and Study Zone (not including Training rooms 1, 2, group study rooms and Library Seminar room): after 20 minutes of inactivity lab computers will now log out.

We have decided this change for two main reasons, the main reason being students leaving the PCs logged on with their network account, this is a cyber-security risk. Cyber-security is everyone’s responsibility.  Would you leave your house or car unlocked?  No?   If you leave your computer logged on, anyone passing could access your account and all of the services that log you in through Single Sign On such as your student email account, your H drive and Box.

Secondly, we are hoping that this will also alleviate some of the issues we have been getting of people hogging desks.  If you are not actually using the desk to study, please take your belongings and leave the PC logged off. Don’t just leave your bag and go of for lunch or to your class to save your spot for when you return.

This means that you may need to change the way you are working in the labs, you need to make sure that you save from the moment you open the document.  If you get into the habit of working from within Box, any files created will automatically save back to Box.  Please also remember to save before you leave the desk to collect books or if you are going for a comfort break.  You never know if you are going to meet one of your friends or fellow student and your 5-minute chat may just take you over the 20-minute inactivity period.  You do not want to end up losing work that you have spent time and effort on.

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