EndNote – Coming Soon

Following extensive feedback from the research community on referencing software we are pleased to announce that EndNote will be available on campus later this month.

A trainer from EndNote will provide a series of workshops for beginner and experienced users on 3rd August. This will be followed by a series of short introductory workshops for those who can’t make it on the 3rd. Further details and online booking is available from the  Research Bites programme.


Enquiries about EndNote may be directed to Shirley Millar or Clare Allan.

3 thoughts to “EndNote – Coming Soon”

  1. Will Endnote automatically recognize in-text citation fields from RefWorks and Reference Manager?

    1. EndNote will not ‘automatically’ recognise in-text citations from other software but we will provide some steps to follow if you wish to migrate from Reference Manager or RefWorks. A training session on migrating from these packages is included in the Research Bites programme.

  2. Fantastic news!, I have been using Endnote for years and have found it much more intuitive to use than Refworks. Of course some people prefer Refworks, but given that so many other Universities use Endnote it does make collaboration a lot more easier.

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