New Stirling theses added to Research Repository in May #StirNewTheses

Congratulations to our Research Postgraduates who submitted their theses to the University’s research repository, STORRE, during May. Some of the theses are available for reading immediately:



Collaboration on the front-line: To what extent do organisations work together to provide housing services for military veterans in Scotland? By Christine Robinson


The Performance of Emotion Management in the Thai Spa Industry (Thailand). By Winayaporn Bhrammanachote


The Development of a Tory Ideology and Identity 1760-1832. By Fiona Duncan



The other theses are embargoed for a period to allow the authors time to write up work for publication:


Public Relations and Sport in Sabah, Malaysia: An Analysis of Power Relationships. By Che Lai


“Free sports”: organizational evolution from participatory activities to Olympic sports. By Mikhail Batuev


Dietary phytic acid and its effects on Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man, 1879). By: Rasina Rasid


MMR Uptake in Somerset following the 2009 national catch-up campaign: factors affecting parents’ decisions to accept or decline immunisation. By Julie Yates


Landscape genetics of Alnus glutinosa across contrasting spatial scales in a natural river system. By Gillian Flint


A grounded theory study of dream fulfilment in children and young people with life-threatening and long-term conditions and their families. By Jayne Galinsky


Critical Nationalism: Scottish Literary Culture Since 1989. By Meghan McAvoy


Studies on the Microbiology of Fish and Shellfish with Emphasis on Bacteriocin-like Substances to control Listeria monocytogenes. By Ngozi Izuchukwu


Well done to all!




Clare Allan

Subject Librarian





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