Open Music Library – new resource on A-Z list

If your studies, teaching or research involve music, you may wish to explore Open Music Library (OML), a recently launched resource containing digital music materials. OML contains over 33,000 journal articles, information about over 70,00 musicians and over 200,000 musical scores.

Many of the journal articles included in OML are from open access journals, meaning that you can access them online for free. Some articles are from journals requiring a subscription. If an article which you wish to read is not immediately available online, copy the name of the journal into the library catalogue, the library may have a subscription. If the journal is not listed in the catalogue, you can request a copy of the article using our Article Request service. This is a free service and is open to all staff and students at the University of Stirling.

If you wish you can create a free account with OML to follow particular journals or composers. To do this use the sign up or join us options on the Open Music Library homepage.