Top ten downloads from STORRE in February

During February there were 31,707 downloads from our research repository, STORRE, covering 3,351 items.


The top ten items were:


The Role of Creativity in Entrepreneurship. By Fillis, Ian; Rentschler, Ruth. Downloads: 416


Dimensions of service quality and service climate: a study of bank customers and employees in four local Malaysian banks. By Ab. Wahab, Norailis. Downloads: 376


Concepts of adversity, risk, vulnerability and resilience: A discussion in the context of the ‘Child Protection System’. By Daniel, Brigid. Downloads: 296


Reporting medication errors and near misses. By Williamson, Sheena. Downloads: 293


Film music and film genre. By Brownrigg, Mark. Downloads: 286


Theory of Organizational Partnerships: partnership advantages, disadvantages and success factors. By McQuaid, Ronald. Downloads: 282


Taking active learning into the primary school: a matter of new practices? By Stephen, Christine; Ellis, Jennifer; Martlew, Joan. Downloads: 268


Spinal cord compression secondary to cancer: disability and rehabilitation. By Eva, Gail E. Downloads: 226


The development of Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence: Amnesia and Deja Vu. By Priestley, Mark; Humes, Walter. Downloads: 214


A guide to synthesising qualitative research for researchers undertaking health technology assessments and systematic reviews. By Ring, Nicola A; Ritchie, Karen; Mandava, Lakshmi; Jepson, Ruth. Downloads: 204




Clare Allan

Subject Librarian