eduroam upgrade: android lollipop now supported plus new interface

During the Reading fortnight, we applied an upgrade to eduroam.  This was to enable support for Android 5.0 lollipop.  While we were at it, we also took the opportunity to improve the Wi-Fi setup and login screens to include a cleaner look and feel.


All the various screens for the different types of devices have been upgraded and crucial advice re the format of the username added.  We hope that this will enable a far greater proportion of folk going though the Wi-Fi setup to get themselves set up without needing help from IS.


Finally the screens are now all adaptive so will resize according to the size of your mobile device screen.


This is the UoS Wi-Fi Setup login screen as seen on an Android phone:

eduroam LP Androidsmall


This is the PC/MacBook version:eduroam landing page70



If you are having any problems connecting your device to eduroam, please contact the Information Centre, or by phone 01786 467250.



2 thoughts to “eduroam upgrade: android lollipop now supported plus new interface”

  1. Really hope you can make windows phone connected to eduroam, it will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Unfortunately Windows Phone isn’t currently supported by our network access control vendor, so we don’t get any provisioning functionality (Cisco don’t support it 🙁 )

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