Countdown to new look portal

In response to all your feedback on the Portal in our IS Satisfaction Survey 2014, Information Services has been working on a new look for the portal.  The new look Portal launches in early January.  Get a sneak preview here.


What you told us in the survey:


“The homepage seems cluttered at times, full of general and, sometimes, not applicable information”.

 portal relaunch Jan 2015

“Could be made easier to use, seems to be a lot of writing and 1st time users may be unsure of what to click on”.


“It’s quite cluttered in layout, it would be easier to navigate if it was more minimal/organised better”.


“It’s layout is quite dull”.


“New design would be nice”



What we’ve done:

> restyled and revamped the look and feel of the portal to bring it more in line with other university web pages, using the latest front end web technologies


> given it a cleaner, easier to navigate design without changing the significant structure of the portal (that will come later)


> given it a responsive design so that you can view it on any size of mobile device.  The display will adapt to a format suitable for your device.


Get a sneak preview here – including screenshots and a movie preview.


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