No access to RefWorks currently – Update: Now fixed

Update to our message below:


We have now heard from Refworks support in America and there was a problem with the service at their end.  They have fixed the issue so our staff and students should be able to log into Refworks again.


If you accessed Refworks while it was down, you will probably need to clear your web cache to get rid of the cached login page.


In Internet Explorer:  go to the Cog icon (Tools) in the top right corner > select ‘Internet options’ > in the ‘General/Browsing history’ section, click the ‘Delete’ button.  In the next dialog box select the top 4 options then click ‘Delete’.  Then shut down your browser and reopen it.


You should then be able to access Refworks again.


Once again, we apologise for this failure.


There are currently problems accessing RefWorks.  The problem has been reported to the RefWorks supplier and we will post again as soon as we hear any news.


We use Shibboleth authentication to access RefWorks and we’ve investigated Shibboleth from our end.  Our Shibboleth Identity Provider appears to be running, and it appears to be generating and sending over all the required authentication/authorisation information required by RefWorks.  So it appears that the problem is likely to be occurring at the RefWorks end.


We apologise for the inconvenience and problems this loss of access will cause.


Subject Librarian