New resources on A-Z list: Early European Books & The Vogue Archive

Two new resources have been added to the A-Z list of online resources: Early European Books and the Vogue Archive.


Early European Books is a collection of printed material (mostly books, but also pamphlets and sermons) from across Europe from the start of printing to the seventeenth century. Previously it would have been necessary to travel abroad to view many of these resources. There are over 25,000 items in the collection and more materials are being added regularly. Materials have been digitised from libraries including: the Royal Library, Copenhagen; Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze and the Wellcome Library, London. This resource will be useful for anyone interested in the history or politics of Europe during this period and those studying or researching the history of publishing.


The Vogue Archive is an online archive of the popular fashion magazine. Coverage starts in 1892, when the American version was launched and contines to the present day. The archive contains the full text of Vogue US, including adverts and images. This resource will be of interest to anyone studying or research the history of the twentienth century, advertising and marketing.


Both resources will be available until 31st October 2014, after this date, please check the IS website for details of access.


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