Stirling research theses added to STORRE in May

We had an incredible bumper crop of theses being added to the University’s research repository, STORRE, during the month of May.


Congratulations to all those who have successfully completed their doctorates!



A critical study of international higher education development: capital, capability, and a dialogical proposal for academic freedom as a responsibility. By Alexis P. S. Gibbs.


A Feasibility and Exploratory Study of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Acute Coronary Syndrome. By Janet A. McKay.


A neighbourhood through the viewfinder: an autodriven photo-elicitation of a housing estate undergoing renewal. By Iris Altenberger.


A novel image analysis approach to characterise the effects of dietary components on intestinal morphology and immune system in Atlantic salmon. By Polyana Da Silva.


A Thealogy Of Mary: The Non-Christian Myth Of Mary, The Shadow Of Mary And An Individual Connection To The Divine Self Through Mary. By Rasa Luzyte.


An Exploration of Gender Stereotypes in the Work of James Hogg. By Barbara Leonardi.


Analysing sex determination in farmed fish using Next Generation DNA sequencing. By Christos Palaiokostas.


Beyond dissociation: Exploring interactions between implicit priming and explicit recognition. By Joanne L. Park.


Causes of adaptive differences in age-dependent reproductive effort. By Thomas M. Houslay.


Crowns, Wedding Rings, and Processions: Continuity and Change in Representations of Scottish Royal Authority in State Ceremony, c.1214 – c.1603. By Lucinda H. S. Dean.


Decision Making Skill and Complex Problem Solving in Team Sports. By David M. Stevenson.


Dementia: What comes to mind? An exploration into how the general public understands and responds to dementia. By Patricia McParland.


Development and application of dynamic models for environmental management of aquaculture in South East Asia. By Lynn I. Munro.


Environmental management of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and turbot (Scophthalamus maximus): implications of noise, light and substrate. By Rogelio Sierra Flores.


Hydropower in Scotland: Linking changing energy and environmental agendas with sustainability outcomes. By Edward Nelson.


Managing a Tenancy: Young people’s pathways into and sustaining independent tenancies from homelessness. By Alasdair B. R. Stewart.


Metacognitive development and the disambiguation effect in monolingual and bilingual children. By Cornelia Hien.


Modelling the Shift in the Balance of Care in the NHS. By Carol Marshall.


Pollination ecology and mating system of Solanum rostratum (Solanaceae) in North America. By Lislie Solis-Montero.


Reinventing Redemption: The Methodist Doctrine of Atonement in Britain and America in the Long Nineteenth Century. By W. Andrew Tooley.


Sustainable Development of Export-Orientated Farmed Seafood in Thailand. By Arlene Satapornvanit.


Sustaining export-oriented value chains of farmed seafood in China. By Wenbo Zhang.


TEDA: A Targeted Estimation of Distribution Algorithm. Geoffrey K. Neumann.


The Nesting Ecology of Bumblebees. By Stephanie A. O’Connor.


The New Labyrinth: Reading, Writing and Textuality in Contemporary Gothic Fiction. By Neil McRobert.


The role of demands and resources in the international work context: Conceptual approach and empirical analysis. By Lucy T. B. Rattrie.


The Role of University-Industry-Government Relationship in Cluster Development: The Case of MSC Malaysia. By Zatun Najahah Mohd Yusof.


Three Essays in Household Finance. By Fredrick Kibon Changwony.


Unlikely Bedfellows? The Media and Government Relations in West Bengal (1977-2011). By Indrani Lahiri.





Clare Allan

Subject Librarian





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