Network locations affected by the Airthrey power outage – 1st May 2014

As advised by the recent Estates Service Message, there is a fault with the high voltage electricity supply which has affected several locations. One of these is Airthrey Castle, where network infrastructure equipment is currently without power. While this equipment is offline, the following areas will not have any wired or wireless network connectivity:


·         Airthrey Castle

·         Airthrey Castle Yard Houses

·         Airthrey Cottage

·         Alexander Court (all blocks including the townhouses and flats)

·         Gardens and Grounds

·         Sports Pavilion


Network connectivity should be restored to these areas shortly after mains power is restored to Airthrey Castle, assuming no network equipment has been damaged by the electrical fault. If any equipment has been damaged, it will be replaced and service restored as quickly as possible.


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