Forgotten your username or password? New recovery options on portal

So who amongst us hasn’t at some point had a brain freeze and forgotten their username or password for logging onto university portal/network?


No surprises then that this is one of the most frequently asked questions at the Information Centre.  Up until 4th March, the only answer we could supply was to roll the account back to discovery to allow you (the user) to go through the discovery process again and reset your password.


But now this has all been made much easier for all concerned – IS have created a utility to help you to retrieve your forgotten username/password.  There is now a ‘Forgotten login’ link below the portal login boxes on the uni home page which takes you to a page where you are helped to retrieve your lost details.


A lot of this functionality relies on you having set up an alternative email address in our system.  This is now part of the discovery process – it’s not essential to supply a personal email address but if you do, you will be able to retrieve your lost credentials in the future.


If you want to future proof yourself (recommended), you can login to your portal and find the link on the Working or Studying at Stirling tab – ‘Set personal email address’.  Follow the simple instructions to enter a personal email address into the system.


There’s more information about this new functionality on the IS website. Student info and staff info.


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