Expansion of 24/7 Study Zone

Over the mid semester break, the area at the back of the Study Zone next to the Library has been expanded. There are now a further 60+ study spaces in the area overall. Next phase will see the front room redeveloped to introduce new furniture in a variety of formats to suit all types of study styles.

To see a 360 view of the expanded area, click here (spot the disembodied head and half eaten bin :)): http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=e31ce454-d744-40b9-a260-1a4f113fc1f5




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2 thoughts to “Expansion of 24/7 Study Zone”

  1. The water pressure of the “fountains” in the library are ridiculously slow. 3.50 minutes to fill a 500ml bottle of water and as for the fountain! its a dribble, would you drink from that ? seriously needs sorting!!!

    1. hi, Yes we’re aware of the slowness of two of the water fountains just now. The plumber has been out and they’re now waiting for new parts to arrive. Our Stirling water quality is so high in mineral content that the filters need changing more frequently than is normal for this kind of fountain. Hopefully they’ll be fixed soon. If it’s speed you’re after, the Level 4 fountain is still running normally.

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