Succeed performance Wed 9 – Thurs 10 October

Succeed was down from 21:15 on 8th Oct until 09.30 on 9th Oct due to a problem with database. When the service was restored one of the Succeed servers failed to connect to its file store and would give ‘ERR’ when accessed. The other Succeed server was working normally but which server individuals were allocated to by the load-balancers would have determined whether a working system was encountered or ‘ERR’. This issue was resolved at 10.50.


Later on in the day a number of reports were received that the ‘Updates’ in Succeed were not working. I believe this is due to a background system in Succeed (called ActiveMQ) which has also crashed. To fix this, the servers must be stopped and the some work done on the file store. This should take about twenty minutes and will be done starting at 08.00 on 10th October.


Simon Booth
Succeed Admin