WebCT Shutdown

Now that all running modules are on Succeed and extensions for students have ended or will shortly end, it is time to plan the closure of the WebCT service and remove the link from the Portal. The purpose of this message is to describe how this will be done and to reassure staff that all the materials currently in WebCT will be kept for restoration into Succeed or for recovery for other purposes, if required.


I plan to shut down the WebCT server in June but before shutting it down I will take a backup of all the modules in WebCT. These backups can be directly restored to Succeed. Thus any module currently in WebCT will be available in the future for upload to Succeed. Of course, the usual rules apply in that we can’t guarantee that quizzes will transfer correctly and whilst we do keep the user content (i.e. grades, discussion postings, uploaded assignments) this material isn’t uploaded into Succeed when the modules are restored.


Virtually all modules have already been transferred to Succeed but posting this blog well ahead of the time that the WebCT server will  be shut down seems appropriate. A similar message to this has been sent to all Directors of Learning and Teaching.


To follow-up please contact the appropriate person in eLD: http://www.stir.ac.uk/is/staff/about/teams/aldt/#eld