Resident students are invited to join a Network Gaming Pilot scheme

In response to demand from resident students, over the 2012 summer vacation Information Services has been testing a concept that should allow users to use games consoles on the University network. Before this is made available to all residents it needs to be further tested by real users.


Network Gaming Pilot

If you are resident in University Accommodation and want to use a console in your room you are invited to express interest in being a test user. Information Services will select a manageable group to do the testing, but everyone who expresses interest will be kept informed of progress. Those selected to do the testing must be willing to have their use of the service monitored for performance purposes, and to provide feedback to Information Services to help inform the next steps in the project.



Consoles may only be connected to the network using a wired connection. Therefore consoles that are supported by the solution are Xbox 360, PlayStation™3, and Wii (only when used with a Nintendo Wii LAN adaptor).


Users living in the chalets (Pendreich Way and Spittal Hill) will not be able to participate at this stage because the network switches in those buildings do not support the solution. If the project is proven workable for other residence buildings then IS will consider replacing the equipment in the chalets to make it possible there too. IS need to assess the likely demand from this group of users, so they should still express interest in the scheme if they want to be included in the future.


How to express interest

Send an email to providing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your network user id OR your student registration number
  • Which residence building you live in, and your room number
  • The reference number on the network socket in your room
  • What make of console you want to use

Users who are selected to participate in the Pilot (and subsequently any user wishing to use the service) will be required to supply additional information about their consoles.


The pilot group will be selected (based on network technical considerations) by IS from all the emails expressing interest on Monday 8th October. Those expressing interest after that date will be added to the mailing list for updates on how the project is progressing.


Systems and Network Services

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  1. Again, thank you for access to Steam – usually only use it for buying games and playing games offline but haven’t been able to access it from campus.

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