New Module Opening Dates in Succeed

To help spread the load on Succeed when modules open, QEC (Quality Enhancement Committee) has agreed that module opening dates in Succeed can be modified as follows:


Up to now modules have opened on the first Monday of semester at midnight, with the students gaining access around 7am when the upload task runs. The new arrangements will be as follows:

  • 1st and 2nd year modules will open on the Monday before the start of semester
  • 3rd and 4th year modules will open on the Tuesday before the start of semester
  • Post-graduate modules will open on the Wednesday before the start of semester


Please note that for the autumn semester 1st years do not get allocated to their modules until the first Wednesday of semester itself.


This new model will see modules effectively open in Succeed over a four day period before the autumn semester and over a three day period before the spring semester. If a module has, say, both 2nd and 3rd year students on it, it will open on the Tuesday before the start of semester and all students (regardless of which year they are in) will gain access to it at the same time. It will not be the case that 2nd years gain access earlier then 3rd years, otherwise they could gain advantages, such as selecting all the ‘best’ slots on any sign-up sheets in the module.


Simon Booth
Succeed Administrator

4 thoughts to “New Module Opening Dates in Succeed”

  1. Simon,
    When you say that the modules wil open early, does that also mean that the class list uploads will be done early? You say “If a module has, say, both 2nd and 3rd year students on it, it will open on the Tuesday before the start of semester”. But 2nd year modules open on the Monday. The rule isn’t clear! Will we be able to find out, e.g. from Succeed itself, when each specific module opens?


  2. Yes the class uploads will be done the day the modules open except for 1st years in the autumn semester when the upload takes place in the afternoon of the first Wednesday of semester. Also you are correct that the blog entry should say Monday for a 2nd year modues! Lastly, opening dates can be seen for modules: Control Panel -> Customisation -> Properties -> Set Course Duration

  3. Where exactly is this Control Panel option and am I right in assuming we will be able to we see when our modules open just now?



    1. The Control Panel is a range of options only available to Instructors (tutors) inside Succeed, so students will not be able to view it. The previous question about this news blog posting was made by an academic member of staff, so the response was targeted towards them. Sorry if it was unclear that this option is not available to students. Students will be able to see their modules in Succeed in line with the dates outlined in the original news blog posting.

      Steve Boulton
      e-Learning Liaison and Development, Information Services

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