Exam period: more study space in the Library / Fair use of group study facilities

From Monday 7th May, the large rooms in the Enterprise Zone in the Stirling Campus Library will be opened up for exam study.  The rooms will be furnished with extra desks and students are welcome to use the rooms for study.  The 2 small rooms at the Enterprise Zone will also be open for group study (non bookable).


Please be aware that others may be distracted by your conversation and respect the Library zoning scheme. If others are disrupting your study, please feel free to email the Information Centre (infocentre@stir.ac.uk) and we will do our best to get a member of staff to the area.


People who prefer to revise in groups should try to make use of the Group Study Rooms and the other facilities more appropriate for that purpose.  In response to complaints from many students, we have taken steps to address inappropriate or unfair use of the Group Study room booking system and ask students to respect the new tightened up regulations:

  • Group study rooms are for group study for academic purposes only. A group consists of 3 or more people, If you are working in groups of less than 3 please use the facilities on the second floor of the library or Social Study area.
  • You may not book the room for any other user.
  • Rooms may be booked for a maximum of 4 hours per day. 1 session per group, per day. Maximum 4 bookings per group per week. Maximum 4 bookings per user. IS reserves the right to adjust/remove bookings.
  • Recurrent bookings, multiple or consecutive room bookings are not permitted and will be deleted by staff.
  • There will be a 15 min grace period. If you and your group fail to turn up within 15 minutes from start time of booking, your booking will lapse and room will be available to other groups.
  • Rooms cannot be “reserved” by leaving personal belongings in them. Unoccupied rooms may be given over to another group.
  • All waste material must be removed from the room on departure. If there is litter in the room on entry, please report this to the Information Centre immediately and we will endeavour to take action against the offenders.
  • Normal library regulations apply; please keep noise to a minimum and do not consume hot food or drinks in uncovered containers.


 You can make a booking online – follow the link from our Group Study room web page.


Information Centre


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