External network connectivity disruption – Tuesday 8th May, 07:30-09:00

As part of ongoing work to improve the reliability and performance of the University’s external network connection, EaStMAN – the body which provides our connectivity to JANET and the wider Internet – will be carrying out an upgrade of their infrastructure located here in Stirling.


In order for us to take advantage of the improved connectivity, it will be necessary to move our external network connections over to the new equipment, which will cause a brief loss of service while the connections are being moved. It is expected that the actual period of disruption should last for no more than a couple of minutes, although the service should be considered “at-risk” for the whole period stated above, in case it becomes necessary to revert back to the existing infrastructure or replace any cabling.


EaStMAN have published their own alert for this work, which is available to view at http://reports.is.ed.ac.uk/alerts/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_alert&alert_id=1942


Following the successful completion of this work, a further outage will be scheduled during the summer vacation to reconfigure University of Stirling and EaStMAN equipment to effectively double our external bandwidth from 1Gbps to 2Gbps.


If you have any questions regarding this work, please contact the Information Centre.


Systems and Network Services

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