Change to DDS (Document Delivery System) renewals

Due to new procedures at the British Library we will only be allowing one renewal per DDS book due to the British Library now charging £4.20 for each renewal.  In addition if the book is not returned on time we will automatically be charged even if it is still in transit. 


The loan period for a book is now five weeks. We would ask users requiring a renewal to give DDS a weeks notice.


Document Delivery is a service not only for staff and postgraduates. Third and Final year students can register to use DDS for material not available in the library for any projects, book reviews and final year dissertations.


For more information see:


Document Delivery Service

2 thoughts to “Change to DDS (Document Delivery System) renewals”

  1. This policy is all very well, for undergraduates. However, for staff and PhD students £4.20 is a trivial amount. It would be far better to send a polite reminder informing them that the cost for renewal is £4.20, would they rather have the £4.20 billed to their divional research fund or return the item.

    Problem with billing the division, it will probably cost more to collect than money received. Overall, I think it would be simpler to just send staff and PhDs a polite reminder that it costs £4.20 to renew. Compare that to the hourly FEC of a researcher to the instition. £4.20 probably amounts to about 5 minutes of staff time for a senior researcher.

  2. Response from David Gardiner, Manager Library and IT Enquiry Services:
    Yes, I take that point. And where renewals are necessary we’ll continue to provide them, without billing the division. We just wanted to cut out unnecessary renewals, realising that borrowers probably didn’t know there was a cost associated with them. The £4.20 is trivial but renewals overall would run at around £2000 per month unchecked. So it was meant to be a polite reminder to staff, but clearly not polite enough!

    Hope this clarifies

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