Brief network outage in Cottrell, Tuesday 7th

As previously announced in the IS Service Message sent on Thursday 19th January (, the completion of building work in the Cottrell 3X corridor requires a brief interruption to the data network (including phones) in the following areas of the Cottrell Building:


  • Offices: 1A7, 1A8, 1A15, 1A16, 1A17 and 3A15 to 3A73.
  • Computer Labs / Teaching Rooms: 1A11, 1A11A (Print Suite), 1A13, 2A9, 2A11, 2A13, 2A15, 2A17, 2A18 (Print Suite), 2A19, 2A21 and 3X1.
  • Lecture Theatres: A3, A4 and the lectern network sockets in B3.
  • Wireless: 3A62 and 3A72.


This work has now been scheduled for the morning of Tuesday 7th February, between 07:30 and 07:45. However, the areas listed should be considered at-risk until 08:30.


Information Services