Lecturers – Succeed has a new sign up feature

We have recently enhanced the features in Succeed by adding a new sign-up tool. This does not replace the existing group tool that was used last semester but is much simpler in its execution. The built-in tool did cause some confusion amongst staff and students in its working and we believe that the new sign-up feature is easier to set up for staff and to use for students. 


The new tool also offers some features that have been requested such as the ability to have different numbers of students signing up to different sessions -a feature that the Succeed tool does not have. Students can also remove themselves from a session they have signed up to (this feature can be switched off). Lastly a reserve list can be created for a session (or not).


The new tool also provides a downloadable, nicely formatted, spreadsheet of who has signed up for what.


Details on how to use the new tool can be found here:


The only feature the new sign-up tool does not support is ensuring that a student can only sign up to one amongst a group of classes. This feature will probably be included in a future update of the tool.


Simon Booth
Succeed Administrator