Behind the Scenes of Science Research Papers

Jonathan Eisen, Professor at U. C. Davis and blogger, has collated posts written by the authors describing “The Story Behind the Paper” for selected science research papers.  All of the papers discussed in the series are Open Access, so you can read how the paper came about and then read the paper itself!


Professor Eisen is an evolutionary biologist with interests in many areas of scientific research. His blog, The Tree of Life, contains this series of papers as well as his discussions on, amongst others, topics of Open Access, research and conferences.  


These “Story Behind” posts give a great insight into the inspiration for research projects and how these projects produce published papers. The backgrounds to these papers are fascinating but may also be very helpful for researchers at the beginning of their careers, publishing, perhaps, for the first time.


These stories explore the interconnected relationship publishing has with learning, teaching and researching in an engaging and relevent way.


Elizabeth Andrews

Subject Librarian