Loss of Internet Connectivity, Friday 21/10/11 22:00 – Saturday 22/10/11 07:00

We have been notified by our service provider that due to motorway construction work, the telecoms fibres which provide the university with JANET and Internet connectivity will be disconnected for 4-8 hours during the stated window. This work also affects our backup circuit, so there will be no external connectivity whatsoever during the outage.


The impacts of this will be:
• users on all campuses including all Residences will be unable to access resources outside our network
• users at remote sites apart from Inverness will be unable to access internal resources
• users who are not on the Stirling campus (including members of the public) will be unable to access services hosted internally, including webmail and CampusNet Off Campus connections


If you have any queries regarding this outage, please raise a call with the Information Centre for the attention of the SANS Network Section.


Information Centre
01786 467250