Wireless Network in Student Residences

Information Services are now offering Wireless Access Points (WAPs) for sale in the Library. This is in response to the growing number of devices being brought to the University, such as smartphones and iPads, which have WiFi network connectivity but no wired connection. 


Although wireless networking (as well as wired) will be installed in every new residence built on the campus, retro-fitting it to existing buildings would be extremely expensive. Some students have previously addressed the lack of wireless network by bringing their own access point or router. However, when these are not correctly configured by the owner they either cause disruption to other users on the network or simply do not work. There is a large number of different access points and routers available on the market and Information Services cannot support them all.


IS have therefore chosen one, comparatively inexpensive, WAP and have tested it for compatibility with CampusNet. We are now buying stock of these devices, pre-configuring them for use on CampusNet, and selling them on to students at cost. That cost will be between £20 and £25 according to the best deal we can obtain when we buy them.


As we are uncertain what the demand may be for these devices we are initially buying only small stocks. If we run out we can obtain and configure new stock within a few days, and students who have enquired about them will be informed (by email) when new stock is available.


Students wishing to purchase a Wireless Access Point should ask at the Lending Desk in the Library.


More information about Wireless Networking in Student Residences can be found on the IS website.


Alan Richardson
Systems and Network Services Manager

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