RefWorks webinars in April

RefWorks have announced their schedule of webinars, live online training sessions, for April. You can register and join the live webinar or watch a recording of the session.


Remember to visit our online training pages for RefWorks help, videos and other information.


Here are the details and dates of the webinars as circulated by RefWorks:




 RefWorks Webinar schedule for April 2011.


1) RefWorks 2.0 Beta Fundamentals (60 minutes)
2) RefWorks Classic Fundamentals (60 minutes)
3) RefWorks Administration Functions (75 minutes)
4) RefShare (45 minutes)
5) Write-N-Cite III for Windows (45 minutes)
6) RefWorks 2.0  in 15 Minutes
7) RefWorks Classic  in 15 Minutes
8) Beyond Direct Export: Five Other Ways to Import Information to RefWorks (40 minutes)
9) Using RefWorks to Quickly Import Citations and Write a Paper (30 minutes)


We’re offering RefWorks Fundamentals and RefWorks in 15 Minutes this month on our new RefWorks 2.0 Beta interface. We’re also offering sessions on RefWorks Administration functions, RefShare and Write-N-Cite III for Windows; for now, those tools will remain on the RefWorks classic interface.
This month we’re also going to offering a session on RefWorks Fundamentals and RefWorks in 15 minutes on the Classic interface.

Additionally, we’re offering two new topics:


1) Beyond Direct Export: Five Other Ways to Import Information to RefWorks (40 minutes) Direct export is but one method for adding references; In this webinar we will review these other methods, which are: Importing from a text file; searching online catalogs or databases from within RefWorks; using a web browser tool called RefGrab-It to capture references from a web page; importing records from RSS feeds; entering references manually


2) Using RefWorks to Quickly Import Citations and Write a Paper (30 minutes) In this 30-minute session, you’ll learn how to directly import citations from two online databases. Then you’ll see how to quickly create a bibliography for a paper two ways: 1) from a list or folder of citations in your RW account and 2) with in-text citations via the one line/cite view method. This session is primarily for undergraduates or beginning RefWorks users.


Go to the RefWorks-COS Training Webinars website ( ) to view a list of RefWorks Live and Recorded Webinar programs. Registration is limited and enrollment is required. We also maintain an RSS feed to our webinars on this web page.


Additionally, you may go directly to the following Live and Recorded Webinar Program Pages to enroll or view webinars in the following languages:


1) RefWorks in English ( )
2) RefWorks auf Deutsch ( )
3) RefWorks en español ( )
4) RefWorks en français ( )
5) RefWorks in Polish ( )



These sessions walk you through the different functions RefWorks offers. We will be moving to RefWorks 2.0 after the summer, but you can toggle between RefWorks Classic and the 2.0 version now by clicking on the RefWorks 2.0 link in the top right corner once you have logged into RefWorks via the University Portal.


Elizabeth Andrews

Subject Librarian