Online access to PhD theses in Islamic Studies

Researchers working in the field of Islamic Studies now have access to almost 1000 PhD theses in digital format. These theses were previously held in 97 libraries across the UK and Ireland but are now available to all researchers via the British Library’s eTHOS service. The theses have been made available electronically as part of the ‘Digital Islam’ project from the British Library, JISC and the Higher Education Academy. Topics covered in the collection include Islamic law, history, politics, gender studies and finance. They include four theses completed by students at the University of Stirling:

Self-recruiting species (SRS) in aquaculture: their role in rural livelihoods in two areas of Bangladesh,  A. T. M. Faruk-UL-Islam, 2007 (Also available online from STORRE)

Gender and management: factors affecting career and advancement of women in the Federal Civil Service of Pakistan, Nasira Jabeen, 1999

Motivation of multinational work force in QGPC in Qatar, Hany Mahmoud El-Hifnawi, 1998

Culture and risk: perception and acceptability of risk of Riba in banking among teachers in Bahrain, Nabeel  Mohammed Shams, 1996

A full list of the theses available from the Digital Islam project can be viewed here

More information about the project can be viewed on the JISC website.