Study Zone opens

Located in a temporary building on the grass next to the old Library building, the Study Zone can seat up to 200 students for individual study (upstairs). 

Downstairs it has a number of group study rooms which are available on a first come first served basis for the time being.  If you would prefer to be able to book them, let us know (email


Also downstairs, is the ‘Study Lounge’, a large informally seated room for newspaper reading, studying or using your laptop.  The area has wireless access as does the whole building and there are printing/copying facilities.


Some reference materials will be located in the Study Zone.  These will have the location ‘Study Zone’ in their library catalogue record.  One of the rooms in the group study corridor (right hand side of the building) will be their home in the Study Zone.


Finally for the ground floor, there will be a laptop surgery room in the Group Study Room corridor.  This is where you will meet the laptop technician to get help with your CampusNet connections.  Make sure you make an appointment at the Information Centre in the Library first though!


Upstairs the entire floor is devoted to quiet study and the old individual study desk furniture from the Library has been relocated.  This area also has wireless network.


There are toilets on both floors.


We hope you like the Study Zone – please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve it by emailing us on