Journal archive from Taylor & Francis

The University Library has now purchased the following journal archives from Taylor & Francis. These have been bought as they provide us with a secure archive, back to the first issue of the journal. A link to a list of the titles included is below. Details of these journals will be added to the library catalogue soon.

Business, Management and Economics Archive


Sport, Leisure & Tourism Journal Archive


Alasdair Stewart

Senior Subject Librarian

2 thoughts to “Journal archive from Taylor & Francis”

  1. I’ve a few articles which are related to my research. Just wondering when it will up and running?

  2. I’m pleased to say that all of the journals purchased through Taylor and Francis can now be found on the library catalogue. All you need to do is log in to the university portal, search the library catalogue for the title of the journal (not the article title) and it will provide you with a link to the full-text archive.

    Alasdair Stewart

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