Charles Darwin’s 200th Birthday, 12th February 2009

To celebrate this anniversary there is a small display about Darwin, and several related books, in the display case at the entrance to the Stirling Campus Library.


Through a combination of meticulous observation and innovative thinking, Darwin came up with an explanation for the incredible variety of living things: that evolution was driven by natural selection.  At the same time he revolutionised the way humans think about ourselves and our place amongst the species we share the planet with.


If you can’t make it into the Library to see the display, you can find further information about the anniversary at:



Closer to home our own School of Biological and Environmental Sciences is hosting a special series of short talks to celebrate this important birthday: Thursday February 12th, at 1.00 pm in room 4U5, Cottrell Building.


For more Darwin related resources see:



The BBC is broadcasting a series of Darwin related television and radio programmes. Several of these are available to watch again on the BBC’s iPlayer service.


Clare Allan

Subject Librarian

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