Blackwell Synergy ejournal content to be transferred to Wiley Interscience

As of Monday 30th June, all Blackwell ejournal content will be incorporated into Wiley Interscience. Blackwell Synergy’s site will close on Friday June 27th and their content will be unavailable over the following weekend. Wiley Interscience will also be closed over the weekend while work is done on transferring the Blackwell content to their site. As of Monday 30th June, Synergy content will be available on Wiley Interscience.


Journals2Under our current Athens access arrangements, it is necessary to register for access to Wiley Interscience on campus before being able to access their site off campus. As Information Services is currently working towards arranging alternative authentication methods for our databases and ejournal providers in the face of the impending demise of the Athens authentication system (see post below), we have developed an alternative access method for Wiley which will not require the off campus user to register. To access Wiley Interscience from off campus, please click here. You will be prompted to login to the university portal. Thereafter access will behave exactly as if you were on campus. After 1st August, the link to Wiley will move to the A-Z online resources and be accessible via the normal Portal > A-Z route. Please contact the Library Information Desk if you have any questions/problems. Please note that this service is still under development so may be subject to some downtime.


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