LibrarySearch now searches reference works

We are constantly working to make the library catalogue, LibrarySearch, even more useful. One new feature is that LibrarySearch now includes online reference works such as the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Who Was Who, the American National Biography and other dictionaries and encyclopedias.

If you do a Search Everything search online reference works will now be included. Enter your keywords and select Search Everything.

On the right-hand side, select the Reference Entries filter (under Resource Type). You might have to click on Show More to see all the filters.

Now you have a list of reference works which contain entries on your topic.

This feature will be useful if you are searching for information on a person or a broad topic. You can see reference articles alongside books, journal articles, book chapters and other resources on that topic.

This is just the latest in a series of new and useful Resource Type filters in LibrarySearch. Search on your chosen topic and you might now find Newspaper Articles, Videos, Reports, Conference Proceedings and lots more.

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