7 things to do before you graduate.

Yay, you have nearly done it. It won’t be long before your time at University of Stirling is over and you move on to the next exciting chapter in your life.

We have written a handy Library and IT Checklist to help make your transition from student to graduate an easy one.

1. Email – opt-in if you want to continue to access your student email account after graduation

If you would like to continue to access your University email account after graduation, you must let us know. You can have access to email for two years after graduation if you opt-in. See our guide on how to opt-in or click on the opt-in banner on your portal homepage and follow the instructions.

Please note, the direct link to access your email after graduation is http://office365.stir.ac.uk. You won’t be able to access your email from the portal, or from the outlook app on your mobile device.

2. Move your files from OneDrive

Unfortunately it is not possible to keep using your University OneDrive space after you graduate, even if you opt in to continue using email.  Microsoft do not offer alumni OneDrive access.

Therefore, you will need to make sure you copy all of your data from OneDrive to an external hard drive, USB or alternative cloud service like Google Drive or something similar.

If you are an undergraduate student who has applied to do a postgraduate taught qualification with us, you will need to temporarily move your data from your OneDrive to an alternative location. You will lose access to OneDrive on day of graduation until you are fully matriculated onto your new course.

If you are a Postgraduate taught student who is continuing onto a Postgraduate research course, you too will need to move your content to an alternative location as you will lose access to this data on day of graduation. When you are fully matriculated you will be accessing a completely new account.

3. Sell any outstanding credit on your print/copy account to a student who is continuing

Any money left in your account at the end of your course of study at Stirling will not be refunded. We therefore advise that you monitor your printing/photocopying balance more carefully in your final semester in order to avoid having credit left in the system when you graduate.

However, we can arrange for amounts greater than £5 to be transferred to a student who is continuing in their studies. Please fill in this webform to request the transfer of print credit to another student.  We can only transfer user credited balance – not any of the free allocation.

4. RefWorks (or EndNote) – keep your references after graduation

If you use RefWorks, you can continue to access your account as an alumni but you must set this up before you lose access to your network account. Have a look at our RefWorks: Graduating guide in LibGuides for instructions on what to do with your RefWorks account on graduation.

If you’re an EndNote user – see our EndNote: Graduating guide for information on what you need to do to keep your references.

5. Return your laptop/library books and pay off any outstanding fines

Make sure you return your laptop if you have borrowed one and any library books that are still in your possession. Remember to pay any outstanding library fines.

6.  Download your assignments from Canvas

Download your submitted work from Canvas. In Canvas click on Account -> Files -> click on the 3 dots to the right of the Submissions folder -> select Download. 

7.  Link up your UoS LinkedInLearning account with a personal account.

Link your UoS LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn account to ensure that your learning history is retained. Whilst you will no longer be able to access LinkedIn Learning content for free after your University account is deleted, you will have the option to sign up for a paid LinkedIn Learning account with your entire learning history maintained. Information on how to connect your Learning account and personal profile can be found on LinkedIn’s Connecting your LinkedIn profile guide.

If you have any questions about your IT/Library account please contact the Information Centre by email on askIT@stir.ac.uk or fill in our Ask IT Form in UniDesk.