Learning and Teaching Spaces Development: Project Update

The University’s major project to design, transform and modernise teaching and learning spaces across the campus is continuing to progress ahead of the 23/24 Academic Year. 

Following our previous communication, there is now further information available around the training and development plan for staff users that can be shared by the project team. Please see details of the training and guidance events and resources via the articles below. Details of the autumn 2023 timetables are also now available.

New teaching spaces: training and support

Staff training opportunities

The project team is delighted to announce the upcoming training plan for staff users. This training will be led and facilitated by the Learning and Teaching Enhancement team.

Staff can opt to attend a 30-minute ‘Quick start to teaching in the new learning spaces’ session, followed immediately by another 30 minutes for any questions and answers and/or a 60-minute ‘Making the most of the new learning spaces’ session that covers the functionalities of the new fully refurbished rooms. Please see the link below for further details on these two sessions and booking links.

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Guidance and training resources

Staff can view quick start guidance information and material on the new learning spaces Canvas page. On this page, you will also be able to access a short video on the quick start guidance. The film can also be viewed via this link.

You can also access the new page via the Canvas and Learning Technologies staff page

This Canvas space will continue to be updated ahead of the new 23/24 academic year, and throughout the year based on learning and feedback from staff and students.

There will also be a physical quick start guide made available in each room for the start of semester.

Teaching timetable and learning spaces for Autumn 2023

The autumn 2023 teaching timetable has now been released. You can now view the live timetable using the timetable checker.

Further timetable guidance and FAQs for staff are available on the central timetabling web page

Room layouts and capacities will not be the same as what you have been used to in the past. To understand what type of room you will be teaching in, you can view the list of rooms. This will let you see what level of refurbishment the room has had, for example, an Audio Visual (AV) only upgrade, or a full estate and AV upgrade.

Photos of the teaching and learning spaces will be published on the above website and Resource Booker, for the start of the autumn 23 semester.