Exam Time in the Library – Spring 2023

Finding study space and support from the Library during exams

Here’s everything you need to know about using the Library during exams.

Somewhere to study

From Tuesday 11th April, Level 3 will become a silent study zone along with Level 4 to create as much silent study space as possible.

Open group study facilities continue to be available on level 2 – these are available on a walk-up basis. Bookable group study rooms are available on Levels 3 and 4 and should be booked in advance. Book a Group Study Room.

The Library Training and Study Suite on level 3 offers a range of study spaces for use by all students. Rooms 1 and 2 are available for open study, no bookings are needed for this space – provided it is not in use for teaching/instruction. Bookings for this space for teaching or events will be made by library staff only and will be posted at the entrance to the space. Rooms 3 and 4 are offered for group study and can be booked online as group study rooms. Book a space in the Training and Study Space.

PCs and Laptops

Check the live information on PC availability to see where the computers are free:

Open access PCs (Library, PF Mezzanine)
Teaching Labs

The University Library has a number of laptop loan options available to students. Laptops can be borrowed from the LapSafe cabinets on level 2 for 48 hours and 4 weeks. Borrow a laptop.

Looking out for yourself

We know that life at University can be stressful, especially during exam time, so we aim to provide you with opportunities to make relaxation part of your time spent in the Library. Working constantly without breaks isn’t good for your productivity; when you are tired and stressed, you can’t take information in or do your best work. So relax and be productive!

We’ve created a dedicated space on the first floor where you can take a break away from your revision in order to recharge and refresh. The Library Wellbeing Space is equipped for mindfulness, quietly relaxing, or browsing the many wellbeing resources. Within the space, you’ll find comfy seating, cushions, and an assortment of materials designed to enhance your sense of wellbeing. Most importantly, relax and enjoy the views of our beautiful campus.

Take a break and enjoy our library jigsaw (on the left as you enter the Library) or participate in our book swap (in the wellbeing space).

There are water fountains in the Library along with vending machines on the first floor (on the left as you enter the Library) so you can keep yourself hydrated.

Not on campus – take a break to relax and refresh in our Virtual Library Wellbeing Space. Download one of our colouring sheets or complete one of our virtual jigsaws.

Looking out for each other

The Library gets busy during exam periods and everyone’s a bit stressed. The three top things that we think will help are:

  • be silent in silent areas and only use the group study rooms or the first floor to have conversations.
  • clear up any rubbish you create into the recycling bins before you leave
  • don’t hog desks by leaving your belongings behind

If you are being bothered by noise, please email the Information Centre, giving us your location and we’ll pop up. After 8pm please ask for help at Reception.

We wish all of our students the best of luck with their exams.