Office 365 – Click to Run

Install Office 365 Click to Run on your University of Stirling staff desktop/laptop now! The Click to Run versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have lots of new features and well as some fantastic accessibility tools.

We are starting to roll out Office 365 Click to Run (C2R) to university staff desktops/laptops. You can control the time of your upgrade yourself – by installing the software from the Software Centre/RAP (Run Advertised Programs) at a time that suits you. 

Click to Run will replace the Office 2016 software on your laptop/PC. The Click to Run versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint have lots of new features (check out the ‘Design Ideas’ feature in PowerPoint to get rid of boring slides forever). These versions of Office are constantly updated so this should be the last time you have to go through an Office upgrade (woohoo!). In addition, you will find the process of saving documents to the cloud Office365 services like OneDrive, SharePoint A LOT easier. 

Office 365 has many built-in accessibility features. See our article, Accessibility features in Office 365, for all the details.

How do I install C2R? 

On campus machine over remote desktop 

You can install C2R from Run Advertised Programs/Software Centre. If you are working remotely you should connect to the Stirling VPN for one hour before running the installation. We would advise you to run the install at the end of your working day. Please note your VPN connection needs to remain on until the install has finished.   

Off campus domain laptop 

Please see our instructions on installing software on domain laptops from home.  

How long does it take to install C2R? 

It’s normally a very quick install – between 10-20 minutes. However, the install will remove purchased Microsoft software – Visio and Project – if you have them. Wait for around 20-30 minutes after your C2R install then the new C2R compatible versions of Project and Visio will be available in Software Centre/RAP (Run Advertised Programs) for installation. *this may take considerably longer over VPN so please leave your device connected to VPN as long as possible.  

I installed C2R and it has removed Visio / Project 

Yes, your former version of Visio/Project is not compatible with C2R so they have been removed.  Wait around 20-30 minutes after installing C2R – new versions of Visio and/or Project will be loaded into Software Centre/RAP – they will have CTR or C2R on the end of the name.  Run the appropriate item to reinstall. 

After installing C2R my desktop icons and taskbar icons for Excel, Word etc disappeared 

Yes, that’d because that version of the software is now gone.  You will need to search for your apps in the Search bar (bottom left) then select ‘Pin to taskbar’ or ‘Pin to Start menu’. 

When I first open Word after installing C2R, I get prompted to choose my default file type.  What should I pick? 

Pick ‘Office Open XML docs’ format. 

After installing C2R, my Outlook inbox is in focused view – how do I switch this off? 

In Outlook, go to ‘View’ > ‘Show focused inbox’ and click to deselect (or switch back on). 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about installing C2R, please contact the Information Centre for further guidance.