What’s on your reading list and is it in the Library?

Resource lists are a great way to make sure the Library has all the materials on student reading lists and we are still welcoming teaching staff to send them. Complete our handy UniDesk Form, stir.ac.uk/2hd or email a copy to reading.lists@stir.ac.uk.

We will order books, obtain digital copies of articles, update broken web links and publish the list in Canvas. It might also be possible to digitise a book chapter likely to be in heavy demand (let us know what you need).

We purchase ebooks where possible but not all books are available electronically. Please consider online alternatives and flag up core texts or essential eBooks if you need us to investigate availability.

Don’t forget to tell us the module code and title and the start date if different from the main Autumn Semester start. Lists will be processed as quickly as possible in order received.