Top Ten Thesis downloads in March #StirTopTenTheses

During March 1,313 theses in our research repository, STORRE, were downloaded a total of 17,232 times.

The top ten downloaded theses were:

1. Towards A Novel Unified Framework for Developing Formal, Network and Validated Agent-Based Simulation Models of Complex Adaptive Systems. By Niazi, Muaz A K Downloads: 1,033

2. Assessment practices and their impact on home economics education in Ireland. By McSweeney, Kathryn Downloads: 957

3. Dimensions of service quality and service climate: a study of bank customers and employees in four local Malaysian banks. By Ab. Wahab, Norailis Downloads: 800

4. Scholarly publishing in Africa: a case study of African university presses. By Darko-Ampem, Kwasi Otu Downloads: 525

5. Factors Affecting Store Brand Purchase in the Greek Grocery Market. By Sarantidis, Paraskevi Downloads: 484

6. Personality, payoff information and behaviour in a two-person bargaining game. By Mack, David Downloads: 466

7. The Loyalist Regiments of the American Revolutionary War 1775-1783. By Salmon, Stuart Downloads: 288

8. French Travellers to Scotland, 1780-1830: An Analysis of Some Travel Journals. By McFarlane, Elizabeth Anne Downloads: 264

9. Shakespeare and the Genre of Comedy. By Doyle, Anne-Marie Downloads: 198

10. ‘Interpretations in transition’ : literature and political transition in Malawi and South Africa in the 1990s. By Johnson Chalamanda, Fiona Michaela Downloads: 196


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