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Remote access to lab PCs now available

Need to access a particular piece of software that you don’t have on your home PC? Tried to download some software but failed? Hopefully this solution will work for you.

We have made >300 lab PCs available for remote connection. The labs concerned are:

1a11 (60 PCs), 1a13 (34 PCs), 2a15 (57), 2a17 (43), 2b41 (16), 2b43 (21), 2Y5 (51), 2Y8 (34)

It’s very easy to connect from a Windows device. It has been tested on one linux device and one MacBook. All connected but the MacBook had some scaling issues.

Instructions on how to connect are below.

Need to access a particular piece of software?

If there is a particular software package that you need to access, you can use our lab software search functionality to find out which lab to connect to: