Calling all Staff – Become an Office 365 Champion

As an Office 365 Champion, help others to discover the benefits of greater collaborative working and encourage them to Collaborate. Share. Achieve.  

There are many benefits to sharing your knowledge of Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. 

When you become an Office 365 champion you help others discover the power of working in collaboration.  

Maybe you’ve collaborated successfully with external colleagues to give your project extra wow factor or perhaps you’ve used Planner to meet a demanding deadline.  

Whatever your reason for being passionate about Office 365, we’d love you to be a part of the journey and share your knowledge to inspire others.  

We’ll be concentrating on OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint in the first instance with a view to widening this opportunity to include other Office 365 apps in the future.  

What’s in it for you 

  • Priority support from Information Services  
  • Discover the new features of Office 365 before everyone else 
  • Feel part of a community of likeminded people and share experiences  

Champions should: 

  • Play an important role in the adoption of Office 365 
  • Help fellow colleagues in their journey to Office 365 by answering any non-technical questions or providing peer coaching and assistance.  
  • Share experience and any hints/tips you have picked up along the way 
  • Have active involvement within the champion community and the wider support group 
  • Guide colleagues to relevant information and links that will help them improve their understanding and skills with Office 365 
  • Help translate Office 365 into the reality of their department or team 
  • Build awareness of Office 365 through informal communication channels  
  • Assist in welcoming new users, providing guidance and sharing best practices 
  • Provide feedback to the project team regarding user engagement and adoption  

Interested in becoming an Office 365 Champion, complete our online form.

Contact us If you have any questions about volunteering to be a Champion, please contact us at  

4 thoughts to “Calling all Staff – Become an Office 365 Champion”

  1. Hi there, I’d like to be an Office 365 Champion. I used it at my previous institution

    1. Hi Guido, that’s great, we’ll add you to the list and will be in touch soon

  2. Hi Trish

    I did register to become a 365 Champion but have heard nothing back. Have I missed an email?


    1. Hi Gill, sorry we’re running a bit late on the project – I’m hoping to get all of the Champions united in a new Teams space soon 🙂

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