Library fines and automatic renewal of books

The University is pleased to share two new significant library updates, which will make student lives easier and improve the student experience at Stirling.

From Monday 11 November, standard loan (popular and long) books will now not incur library fines – instead, a new auto-renewal system has been introduced. Dropping library fines for all books, except those which are in heavy demand, such as books within the short loan collection, will greatly ease the potential financial and logistical burdens on students. 

In addition to scrapping almost all fines, books that are out on loan will now also be auto-renewed, unless they have been requested by another student, in which case those books need to be returned. Fines will be incurred if these requested items are not returned.

Amy Smith, Vice-President Education, said: “I am really pleased that Information Services have removed library fines for most books due to student feedback, and I’m sure that the new auto-renewal system will be really helpful in relieving the pressure to hand books back when they have not been requested. It’s always great to see the impact that student voice can have, and how willing University services are to listen and improve the student experience accordingly.”

These two significant changes have been introduced by Information Services in direct response to student feedback and are also in recognition of the changing behaviours in using and lending books. The rise in e-books and available digital content has also led to this decision. 

Colin Sinclair, Library Collections Manager, said: “Our primary goal is to have the books, and resources that our students need, available as and when they are required. This decision will not only be of benefit to students who would have had to pay fines but will also improve the learning experience for all students.”

Fines will remain for all short-loan books that are not returned by their due time, and for unreturned books requested by another library user. Short-loan books can be renewed online or via the self-service machines, providing there the books have not been requested by another user. Further information about library fines is available on Unidesk’s borrowing information page  (see the right-hand column links).

This article was originally posted as an Announcement on the Portal on 7 November 2019.