Your mailbox is on the move: timescale

Following our email and blog post about the migration of staff mailboxes from local servers to O365 cloud servers, the timetable for each area is outlined below:


Mailbox UpgradesDate
Staff discovery/disabled (done)4-8 November 2019
PGR all (done)11-13 November 2019
HR/International/Finance/INTO/Occ Health13-15 November 2019
CMR / RIS/ Commercial Services incl Stirling Venues/Student Academic & Corporate Services18-20 November 2019
Faculty of Arts & Humanities 20-22 November 2019
Estates & Campus Services 25-27 November 2019
Faculty of Natural Sciences 27-29 November 2019
Principal’s Office/DP Office/University Secretary
Faculty of Health Sciences & Sport
2-4 December 2019
Faculty of Social Sciences4-6 December 2019
Sports Development Service9-11 December 2019
Stirling Management School11-13 December 2019
External16-18 December 2019
Shared mailboxes18-20 December 2019

We will be in touch with each area prior to their transfer and will remind everyone personally by email on the day it is taking place.

If you have any concerns about the migration of your mailbox or your shared mailbox, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Information Centre.

Information Centre
Tel:  +44 (0)1786 467250